Spice Grinder

Joma grinders are among the best worldwide. Their market launch over 20 years ago was revolutionary. Since then, the family of our spice grinders has grown into a product range that meets even the highest demands.

Individual adaptions


Joma mills can be produced in all colours or transparent.

Individual adaptions


Individualise the Joma mill with your Logo.


Spice grinders for all demands

Even distribution with full flavour development

Joma Nature®

We also offer a selection of spice mills in our Joma Nature® assortment from purely herbal commodities.

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Product specifics

The perfect grinding mechanism for full flavour

Spice grinders for different spice mixes and herbs have become an integral part of modern cooking. To perfectly match the grinding mechanism to the respective contents is a key component in developing our high- quality spice grinders.

The flavour of a spice can only fully develop by using the right grinder. Some spices ought to be cut, others should be crushed or torn. With the Joma spice grinder we offer an attractive and comprehensive family for all demands. Every day, consumers value its high functionality and full aroma development.

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