Joma Nature®

Taking responsibility to ensure an environment worth living in!

Our new Joma Nature® range is produced exclusively from renewable, purely plant-based raw materials - sustainable and CO2-efficient.

For the sake of the environment, nature and a world worth living in for our children.

Our product range made from purely plant-based, renewable raw materials

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Due to the use of fossil fuels, the concentration of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere has risen sharply since the start of industrialisation.

Plants absorb CO2 and are thus the most effective in reducing the greenhouse effect. They can be transformed into recyclable plastics.

With a view to our future

With Joma Nature® we offer you a selected assortment of our spice mills and the Joma Securibox® as sustainable alternatives to conventional products - with the established functionality and with the usual outstanding quality.

We meet differing product requirements through the use of special biopolymers. All raw materials come from controlled, environmentally conscious and GMO-free cultivation

With Joma Nature® we are further contributing to the improvement of our ecological footprint.

The Joma Nature range

Joma Nature® | Spice mill


Spice mill

The spice mills in our Joma Nature® range are compostable.

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Joma Nature® | Securibox



The Securibox<sup>®</sup> in the Joma Nature<sup>®</sup> range can be fed into all standard recycling processes.

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Responsible packaging

The plastic for our products comes exclusively from plants from controlled, environmentally conscious and GMO-free cultivation.

Naturally, we also guarantee our usual outstanding Joma quality when organic plastics are used, as well as making a positive contribution to our environment.

The products in the Joma Nature® range can be chemically and thermally recycled as usual and, depending on the type, even composted.

With Joma Nature®, we are thus making a positive contribution to waste avoidance and the CO2 balance.


Production in Austria

About the company

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