Creme Dispenser

Joma raises the classic pump dispenser to a new level. The strengths of the Joma vacuum pump system lie in its functional details: the three-level output setting, the self-closing protective cap, the integrated double tamper protection, and the numerous possibilities for customisation.

Individual adaptions


Die Joma Creme Dispenser Dekorkappe kann in allen Farben oder transparent produziert werden.

Individual adaptions


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Creme Dispenser

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Product specifics

Reliable and versatile

Viscous and heavy substances are a major challenge for pump dispensers. The resistance of viscous substances leads to cavities during pumping – the pump performance suddenly breaks off.

Therefore, Joma relies on the vacuum pump system. Placed directly on top of the content, the follower plate prevents unwanted air intake and transports liquid and highly viscous substances evenly through the dip tube. The follower plate fits snugly against the container wall and hygienically protects the contents from drying out.

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