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As a plastics manufacturing company, the importance of sustainability in our packaging solutions and processes is increasingly becoming the center of decision-making. We are dedicated to proactively supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals and endeavors. Discover more about JOMA's role as a sustainable producer of primary packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and chemical-technical industries.

Eco-power and photovoltaic system

JOMA's core competence and competitive advantage lies in injection molding technology and high levels of automation. Our operating processes primarily require electricity, but otherwise JOMA is almost entirely self-sufficient in terms of other energy sources such as gas or oil. Thereby we deliberately rely on environmentally friendly green electricity - using 98.96% renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power and renewable biomass. In addition, our photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of our modern high-bay warehouse allows us to cover part of our electricity requirements in-house.

In-house recycling plant - resource-efficient utilization of rejects

The resource-conserving use of valuable materials remains a key priority - our in-house recycling plant enables plastics to be used several times again. Even with optimized manufacturing and processes, rejects in injection molding cannot be completely prevented. Especially when launching new cycles and running in the machines, a small amount of scrap will be generated. The in-house recycling plant allows us to reuse those plastics for a second use. This process is also known as Post-Industrial-Recycling (PIR). However, the quality of your versatile plastic jar, spice grinder or cosmetic dispenser is maintained at the highest standards.

Free Cooling System and Central Heat Pump

Electricity generated from renewable energy instead of oil from fossil fuels and limited raw materials - our entire production is equipped with central cooling and heating technology. These enable energy-efficient cooling and heating of the injection molding machines as well as office buildings. The so-called free-cooling units are process refrigeration units which provide the production plants with the required cold water for cooling.
The modern systems enable us to utilize the low outside temperature in cold months. As a result, we are able to use free environmental energy to cool the injection molding machines as well as the plastic parts formed during the process. In case there is a demand for heat, this energy is instead utilized for the heating of the office space.

Sustainable product portfolio - recycled and bio-based polymers

The demand for sustainable packaging solutions is constantly increasing and consumers tend to expect clever packaging design and alternative raw materials. Having JOMA as a partner gives you the choice - biobased plastics within the JOMA Nature ® Line, or recycled polymers within the newly developed re:cycle portfolio? Further innovative solutions like the Refill concept of the high-quality and patented Cream Dispenser have been successfully implemented with our international partners. Please do not hesitate to contact us for consulting services on which sustainable alternatives are better suited for your specific industry, customer group or products.

Transparent declaration of emissions for your future packaging solutions.

Communicating transparently instead of green washing - JOMA discloses the emissions of the packaging solutions for its partners in a clear and transparent way. This will enable you to see the full potential in reducing your environmental footprint - for a more sustainable positioning of your company and brand. Address the need for sustainable packaging solutions together with a leading and innovative partner. Contact our sales team now for more information

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Experience our sustainable processes up-close within JOMA's digital world of experience