We have reinvented the classic shaker top with the DuoFlapperCap. It impresses with its high design standard and the intelligent combination of customer and processing requirements.

Individual adaptions


The Joma DuoFlapperCap can be produced in all colours or transparent.


The Joma DuoFlapperCap is available in various designs with different openings and also as MonoFlapperCap.


Duo FlapperCap

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Product specifics

The reinvention of the shaker top

The shaker top can be used on both glass containers and the Securibox®. A sophisticated system of sealing elements ensures lasting flavour protection. The active sealing mechanism stands the test of daily use and can be operated easily with one hand.

Fully integrated within the design, the tamper-evident seal gives customers security, and bottlers the assurance of economical production.

Nächstes Produkt


The Joma Securibox® ensures the highest level of comprehensive protection for all kinds of powders, tablets and creams. For over 40 years, it has been the benchmark for comprehensive and reliable packaging systems for the pharmaceutical, chemo-technical and food industries.

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